Golden Retriever trapped in hot car, Charlottesville, VA 16July14 – UPDATED

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UPDATE: I videotaped a second incident involving this dog, in the same car, in the same parking space, in the same weather conditions, four days later. See Update, at end of this post.

On July 16, 2014 at 10:30am, it was about 75 degrees (see graph at the bottom of this page).

16July14 temp data - crop

I was seated outside Hot Cakes restaurant in Charlottesville, VA, working on my laptop, when I began to hear a dog yelping from some distance away, behind me.  After hearing this for about 5 minutes, I asked someone to watch my computer while I went to investigate.  I began to move towards the sound, and as it got louder, I pulled out my cell phone and began to video what I discovered.

About 120 feet behind me, parked between the CVS and Jos. A. Banks, I observed a big Golder Retriever, trapped in the back of this Volvo station wagon:

I went back to my table, and continued hearing the dog yelping. About five minutes later, I called the police, and they said they’d dispatch an officer. Another five minutes or so went by, and then the dog’s yelping stopped.  I asked another person to watch my computer while I investigated, but at that point, the car was gone.

After calling the police back to update them, I took this video to demonstrate how far away I was from the dog, and how I could not even see it when it was yelping – the only way I discovered it is because I heard its yelping:

Who knows how long that Golden had been there?

Was it yelping like that because it was suffering organ or brain damage – or just because s/he missed his/her parent?

According to scientific research, if it had been left in that car for ten minutes, the interior temperature went from 75 degrees to 94 degrees (or higher, as it was in direct sunlight).

Update, July 20, 2014: A repeat of this exact incident, but this time I met the owner

Incredibly, four days later, I was seated in the same location, at about 11:00am and began to hear what sounded like the same barking/yelping again, coming from the same direction. I was working very busily to wrap up a project, and thought, “No, it couldn’t be.”

The outside temperature, as documented here, was about 75 degrees at the time:

20July14 temp at 1100a

The temperature in Charlottesville at 11:00am on July 20, 2014 was approximately 75 degrees. See this site for validation.

Finally, I asked someone to watch my computer, grabbed my smartphone and went to investigate.

Guess who?  It’s all documented on this video:

What’s not documented on video, however, is the rather “colorful” way that the dog’s owner dismissed my concerns. And as indicated earlier, with an outside temperature of 75 degrees, the interior temperature of this veritable oven would have reached approximately 94 degrees by the time our exchange occurred.

As if that weren’t enough, after that owner took off, and I resumed my work, about 10 minutes later I began to hear two much smaller dogs barking/yelping in a nearby car, that I could not see.  It kept up for at least another ten minutes, before I decided to investigate.  See the video of what I discovered at:

Two dogs trapped in hot car, Charlottesville, VA 20July14

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