Black Lab left in SUV for 30 minutes, 90 degrees, 18June14

Written by on June 25, 2014 in Videos of dogs in hot cars

This video was captured in front of the Hot Cakes cafe’ in the Barracks Road Shopping Center, Charlottesville, VA.

I suppose in a way, I should thank the woman who left her beautiful black Lab in her black SUV to roast, today. Because it was this act, and the unbelievable arrogance with which she tried to defend it, that spurred me to finally create Or rather, it made me feel (literally) as if my beloved Shayna was nosing me, nudging me, telling me, “You have all the skills and knowledge to do this. Please, do it for me, and for my dog friends.”

Specifically, this woman left her black Lab in a black SUV, in 90 degree direct sunlight (see temperature info for this day at bottom of page here), for about 30 minutes – and I captured four video clips of it.

The video is self-explanatory. If you know anything about the science of why it is so dangerous to leave dogs in hot cars, let alone in direct sunlight – even if the windows are open – you’ll know why I got so upset at the end. You’ll catch only the beginning of my confrontation with this woman; the video cut off because a call was coming in. Were it not for that, you would have heard exactly what I describe she said, as to why she had been away from her SUV for so long – and her unbelievably arrogant, dismissive attitude.

Addendum: On June 11, 2013, exactly one week before the above video, a similar situation played out at the same location. I was sitting in front of Hot Cakes with a friend, at 3:00pm, the temperature was about 84 degrees (see temperature info for this day at bottom of page here). An SUV parked in the same spot as the one above. A young couple got out, and one reached in through the partially-opened back window, perhaps six inches, to pet the head of a big Rottweiler, then began walking over to the Kroger grocery store.

I stood up and asked them to please not leave their dog in the car, and expressed my concern about how quickly it can get dangerously hot in there for a dog. The couple looked at each other, and discussed it. The girl then said she won’t leave the dog there, and got in the truck and drove away. The guy took a few steps towards me, and said, “Thanks for ruining half of our f*cking afternoon. I’ve got shopping and a million things to do.” I was about to get into a… debate with him, when my friend urged me to not carry forth; that the dog would be safe, and that I should disengage, which I did.

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About the Author: My name is Jon Sutz. I am a dog-loving multimedia graphic designer, writer and creative consultant, in Charlottesville, VA (bio). But the most important, joyous job I've ever had, was as "dad" to Shayna, the miracle dog who helped to save my life after 9/11, and about whom I wrote my first book, "Saved By Shayna: Life Lessons From A Miracle Dog." Learn more about Shayna at her website. In tribute to Shayna, I developed to help raise awareness of the dangers of leaving one's dog in a hot car. .


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