August 25, 2014 survey of CASPCA website


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08-25-2014 FPHL 10-33

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And in regards to the CASPCA newsletter, “Whiskers & Tales,” a friend called in July to ask why there had been no newsletters posted since over a year earlier (as documented at bottom here); in response, the CASPCA published the the same newsletter as its “Winter 2014” and “Summer 2014” editions (note the URL to which each link leads, as highlighted in red):

01Sept14 Summer CASPCA newsletter link

01Sept14 Winter CASPCA newsletter link

The newsletter from Summer 2014 – which has no mention whatsoever of heatstroke issues (See for yourself; go to this link, and click on the magnifying glass at right, and enter key terms – “heat,” “heatstroke,” “hot,” etc.):







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