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(July 14, 2014) In the future, this section will contain posts relating to our legal activism.  For now, as the site is being launched, we offer this statement of basic principles.

As an organization, has three basic missions:

  • To raise awareness of the dangers of leaving dogs in hot cars
  • To help raise money to provide educational programs and temperature probes for local police forces across America
  • To help enact tougher laws against those who leave dogs in hot cars

08Aug11 Dog in hot truckOur first priority and preference will be to reduce incidents of dogs being left in hot cars, through educational mechanisms.  We assume that in the vast majority of cases, otherwise loving dog parents are simply unaware of how dangerous it can be to leave their dogs in their cars during spring, summer and fall months.

Some people, however, will remain unaware, or will make the conscious choice to place their dogs in such risk – and the only thing that will stop them (or at least prevent them from doing it again) is tough laws, and enforcement.  In too many instances, however, local police either don’t have the knowledge or resources to help the dogs whom these people leave in hot cars – or, the laws in their jurisdiction to not provide for severe penalties against them.


Shayna Angele Sutz, the inspiration for Learn about this “miracle dog” here.

To help solve this problem, will seek do all the things necessary to craft tough laws, and enforcement and punishment mechanisms, through North America and eventually, the world.

Towards this end, we will seek to work with groups such as the Animal Legal Defense Fund, which has been doing serious heavy lifting in regards to working with legislatures and prosecutors around America to craft tough laws, and give them equally tough enforcement mechanisms.

If you would like to help in this effort, please send an email or call 434-825-8428.

Thank you.

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About the Author: My name is Jon Sutz. I am a dog-loving multimedia graphic designer, writer and creative consultant, in Charlottesville, VA (bio). But the most important, joyous job I've ever had, was as "dad" to Shayna, the miracle dog who helped to save my life after 9/11, and about whom I wrote my first book, "Saved By Shayna: Life Lessons From A Miracle Dog." Learn more about Shayna at her website. In tribute to Shayna, I developed to help raise awareness of the dangers of leaving one's dog in a hot car. .


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